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Seeing With the Eyes of the Heart in the times of Dajjal

When one gets in the time of fitna, the light of the heart will become very helpful. Dajjaliat is the time of fitna when the truth is different from what it appears to be. During the times of Dajjaliat, it is the Basirat that will help us and not the Basaarat.

Basaarat and Basirat

My dear esteemed, honorable brothers and elders of Islam and the mothers and sisters of the sanctified ummat-e-islam, eyes are one of the greatest blessings of Allah ﷻ and Allah ﷻ grants this ni’mat (blessing) to both His ﷻ friends and His ﷻ enemies. He grants the light and glare of the eyes to both His ﷻ slaves who obey and worship Him ﷻ and to those who disobey Him ﷻ. The light of the eyesight is called the Basaarat and the light of the heart or the inner eye sight is called the Basirat. While Allah ﷻ grants Basaarat to both His ﷻ friends and His ﷻ enemies, this Basirat is granted only to His ﷻ friends. We do appreciate the eyes when we find the path full of danger. If not for eyes, how many would have fallen into the pit and how many would have stumbled and the one who has been blessed with the eyesight reach his destination for the dangers become more aware to him. 

Basirat is the protection against the Dajjaliat

When one gets in the time of fitna, the light of the heart will become very helpful. Dajjaliat is the time of fitna when the truth is different from what it appears to be. During the times of Dajjaliat, it is the Basirat that will help us and not the Basaarat. So if one wants to save from Dajjal and Dajjaliat, then sharpen the light of the inner eye sight and increase the Basirat. Just like one gets aware of the dangers through his eyes, through Basirat one gets aware of fitna. Let the fitna come in any form or appearance, let it come wearing any form of dress, the one granted with Basirat will recognize it behind thousands of veils and this indeed is a great blessing. Dajjaliat is certainly the time of deception. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “A time will come when there will be only deceptions.” In these times, a truthful will be thought as a liar and the liar will be thought as a truthful. The trustworthy will be thought to be a khaain (the one who breaches the trust) and the khaain will be thought as a trustworthy. This is how the time of deception will be and in these times, it is the light of the inner eyesight that will be more essential and not the external eyes. So increase this light of the heart, the Basirat.

Basirat is achieved only by Taqwa

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “Save from the firasat (acumen, acuteness) of mu’min for he sees through the noor (light) of Allah.” The mu’min has the noor of Allah ﷻ  and he sees through it. So my honorable ones, in these times of fitna and darkness when we see more dangers in the path and just darkness surrounding us and when the robber acts like a guide, the tacticians and the evil people wear the dress of well wishers, when the enemies show themselves to be our own, then Basirat is very helpful. The Basirat do not increase with righteous deeds but is achieved by Taqwa (abstaining from sins). So a man establishing salah for forty years need not have Basirat. One can do tasbihaat and nafil acts but he may not possess Basirat for Basirat is obtained by leading a sinless life. Allah ﷻ, the most truthful promises to grant Basirat to the one leading the life of Taqwa and this promise is not granted for mere ibaadat and righteous deeds.

in tattaqoo Allaha yajAAal lakum furqanan” – If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you Furqan [(a criterion to judge between right and wrong). Yes if you save yourself from the sins, then you will be given the light of the heart.  It is the Ahl-e-taqwa, the people of Taqwa who will have this Basirat. If a man worships Allah ﷻ for fifty years and if he doesn’t save himself from sins, there is a danger that he might fall into the pit for he lacks Basirat. He might stand under the flag of someone gone astray, he might hear the words of be-deeni (irreligious) and go astray and so severe is the danger present. If we possess the Taqwa, then we will easily recognize the bedeeni even if he comes behind thousands of veils. It is today that we are in most need of the Basirat. When we say Dajjal is coming and we should prepare for him, then this is the preparation that is to increase the light of the heart.

Basirat is destroyed by the haram eye sight and the haram provision

We are in the time of Dajjal, the time of deceit and lies and we are deprived of Basirat when it is most needed today. As we are deprived of Basirat, every decision of our life goes wrong. The decision do not turn up right when it is taken immersed in the fitna. If one wants to sharpen the light of the Basirat, then ulema of the past have written that one should save his eyes from the haram and one should save himself from the haram provision. When this is taken care, then Allah ﷻ will sharpen his Basirat and will put khair in his every single decision and advice. The Basirat just gets destroyed by haram eyesight and haram provision. Allah ﷻ in times brings in the punishment in the similar face of committing that sin. . If one misuses the eye sight, then Allah ﷻ will take his inner eye sight. Today it is very hard to see Basirat and that is because the things to dirty these eyes is spread everywhere. It is really worrying and in fact amazing to see muslims taking wrong decision because of lack of this Basirat, like how they take decision when it comes to the taleem (education) of children, while bringing in daughter in law to their homes; it is really worrying and amazing to see how muslims have brought destruction to their houses with the way they think and with the things they are concerned about.

Allah ﷻ has snatched the Basirat because of the sins and so his thinking has all gone wrong. In fact, some times, the man becomes so deprived of this Basirat that I swear on Allah ﷻ that he gets inclined towards gumraahi (aberrant ways) willingly and he doesn’t get any sort of desire towards righteousness. He likes the views of irreligious and the people who have gone astray and he runs miles away from the right and the truthful views. When the eyes become dirty by haram means, then the heart become dirty to the worst level. If one protects the eyes from haram for just forty days then, he will see for sure the light in his thinking and Allah ﷻ will grant him Basirat. Some poor youths come to me stung by the surrounding with misleading thoughts and they ask weird questions. I first give them the answer for their questions and then I ask them to save their eyes for Allah’s ﷻ sake and then come for they will understand what I say. Lead a life free from sins for few days, then inshaaAllah your heart will lean by itself towards good but if you have grown the sins and if you got have the stains of sins, then your heart will never desire for good. wain yaraw sabeela alrrushdi la yattakhithoohu sabeelan wain yaraw sabeela alghayyi yattakhithoohu sabeelan – And if they see the way of righteousness (monotheism, piety, and good deeds), they will not adopt it as the Way, but if they see the way of error (polytheism, crimes and evil deeds), they will adopt that way. One will be deprived of Basirat by one single misuse of the gaze. The decision of the youth has gone wrong because of the wrong Basarat and worst is that he has got the attraction towards the unchaste, vicious ones while no attraction towards the righteous.

The prophecy of beloved Prophet ﷺ of our dangerous state

Rasoolullah ﷺ said, “What will happen to you during the time when your youths will become unchaste and your women and daughters will surpass all the limits?”  Allahu Akbar. The beloved Prophet ﷺ says only that which is revealed to him by Allah ﷻ and Allah’s ﷻ knowledge is very vast. It looks like that the beloved Prophet ﷺ saw today’s time through his ﷺ eyes of Prophecy. Fortunate are those young ones whose youth is protected. Fortunate are those parents whose daughters are pure and chaste and who are veiled. When those pure souls of pure environment whose hearts are strong and definite with righteousness heard this from the truthful tongue of nabi ﷺ, they got astonished and asked Prophet ﷺ, “Can this even happen?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” He ﷺ said, “What will happen to you during the time when you won’t forbid the evil and enjoin the good?” Sahabahs ridhawaanullah ajmaaeen before whom Amr bi’l Mar’ruf wa nahy anil munkar (enjoining good and forbidding evil) fell kneeling and whose day and night passed around with this concern asked, “Will this even happen Ya Rasoolullah?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” Then he ﷺ said, “What will happen to you when you will call towards evil and forbid from good?”

Today we see that those who are calling towards evil are many and there are not many to encourage those who are walking towards the righteousness. There is none to assist one in righteousness but there are many to encourage towards evil. They asked, “Will this even happen Ya Rasoolullah?” Prophet ﷺ replied, “Yes and the matter will be worst than that.” Rasoolullah ﷺ said, “What will happen to you when good will appear as evil to you and evil will appear as good to you?” This happening is so worst that at times, even the tawfiq of repentance will be removed from the man and there is fear of removal of even the eeman. This is because he is in such a condition that if he is stopped from the evil, he gets angry and he fights the one calling him towards haqq and he thinks him as lacking intelligence and he thinks him as a fool and ignorant. This is so because for him, the evil is not evil but only good. So the one who tries to stop him from the evil gets all the taunts of fool and ignorant. Also as he thinks evil to be good, when he commits the evil he thinks it as a progress, an enlightening thought, intelligent, far-sighted, the one who is living according to the times and very educated. Laa hawla walaa quwwata illa billah. This only happens when the evil appears as good and the good appears as evil.

When this happens, oh honorable ones, we will be in so need of Basirat that we will definitely fall into the fitna if we don’t have Basirat. That is why today’s muslim as he doesn’t have Basirat, if he sees the artistic presentation from one angle, his thinking gets changed. He reads a single black column and his thinking gets changed. If he hears the analysis of a bedeeni, his concern gets changed. He doesn’t have any Basirat inside him that he can recognize who is right and who is wrong, who has conscience and who doesn’t have any conscience. There is no rightful thinking. The Muslim is changing his color every day and night in terms of thought and concern. He doesn’t have any maturity in him. All this is because of lacking Basirat without which one is recognized only as an evil, irreligious and an atheist.

The pitiful state of muslims family life

Basirat is a very essential thing without which it will be very difficult to save one’s eeman. All the dangers as said by our beloved Prophet ﷺ as seen through his ﷺ eyes of prophecy are clearly seen today. So it is very essential to have the light of heart in these times of dangers. The sharper the light, the easier will be the destination. Huzur ﷺ said, “A time will come when people will spend and use the bait-ul-maal (public treasury) as their own money, they will place their hands on other’s money, people will consider the zakat as tax; they will learn the deen to just earn the worldly means, men will give loyalty to their wives and ignore the mother, they will consider friends as their well-wishers and they will hate their fathers.”

Today not just the sons give pain to their fathers; even the daughters give pain to their mothers while Allah ﷻ has made a special relation between a mother and a daughter because of their spending time more together. But when the heart becomes dirty of sins and get the stain of immodesty and when the eyes get dirty and when the ears start hearing haram, when the tongues become dirty because of haram love, then the space for the honor of one’s parents gets removed. Jibra’eel came down and asked, “Ya Rasoolullah, when will the Qayamat come?” Rasoolullah replied, “The man who is asked doesn’t know better than the one who asks?” Then Jibra’eel asked, “What are the signs of the Qayamat?” He ﷺ replied, “When the mothers give birth to their masters” The muhadditin has written that that the daughters will command their mothers as the master commands the slave girls. Such will be the disobedient children. They will tear apart the livers of the parents. The sons will consider their friends as their well-wishers and they will hate father like hating the sins.

The spread of music in this ummah

Prophet ﷺ continued, “Music will be heard from every single house.” We see this case even in the house of those who perform salah and those who have performed Hajj. Even the house of Allah ﷻis not protected from this filth. It has become so worst that even from the masajid, we hear the music. Where are the houses of those muslims, where one can hear the recitation of Quran from every house? The muslims of today have so fallen that from every house, one can hear the music. They then expect that they get the atmosphere of love, peace and blessings in their house. When there are camps of shayaateen set in their houses and when the shayaateen get the ghiza (provision) of music, there won’t be any love in the houses but only hatred. There won’t be any blessings but only adversities. The problems won’t get solved but only pop up. The hurdles won’t move away from the houses but only stand erect. The difficulties won’t be solved but only be created. When you provide ghiza for the shayaateen and when the shayaateen are gathered, then how will one have blessings? Muslims have strange thinking that let Allah ﷻ forbid; they say we have bandish (constraint) in the house when they themselves brought the bandish. They themselves stopped the mercy of Allah ﷻ from entering their doors. So Prophet ﷺ said that from every house, the music will be heard.

The trap of the enemies

He then ﷺ said, “The land lord of the qaum (nation) will be a man of obscene character, the leader of the nation will be a man of contemptible nature. These will come throbbing only when people become deprived of Basirat. These kinds of people will dominate only when the people will not have Basirat. Their survival persists in dirtying the Basaarat of the qaum. These sort of people will remain till the qaum won’t have Basirat. That is why they are very keen in dirtying the Basaarat, so the qaum gets deprived of Basirat. They spread such a trap that they are fed with only haram and they are made to see only the haram. Without these traps, they can’t live. These irreligious people’s survival is only in this. Their protection of their own benefits lies in feeding the qawm dirty and to make them see dirty so they get deprived of Basirat and these people survive. If the qaum gets the light of eeman, will they be accepted? Prophet ﷺ then said, “People will eat usury, they will drink liquor, women will imitate men and men will imitate women,” How true is the saying of our beloved Prophet ﷺ! No one would have imagined fifty years before and today all these transgressions are right in the front of our eyes. Is there anything mentioned above not present in our society? Every single thing is present in the society.

The honor of even the righteous won’t be saved

Prophet ﷺ then said, “What will happen during the time when the tongues of the people will become so obscene and their hearts will become so bad that the honor and dignity of Prophets, Sahabahs, awliya of Allah, fuqah, muhadditeen won’t be spared from their filthy tongues.” Even against these great people, they will use the lancet of objection and judgement because their hearts are so bad and so it is obvious that this is what they will get on their tongues. Neither the honor and the dignity of Prophets nor that of sahabahs, awliya of Allah, fuqah, muhadditeen will be saved from their tongues. Their tongues will become very filthy. Prophet ﷺ said, “When all these things are seen in the society then the gazab (anger) of Allah ﷻwill be seen coming from every single direction.” The sky will become angry and will stop raining its mercy, the seas will be upset that even through them the destruction will come; the face of mercy will be changed to the face of anger in the weather and the wind.

The calamities will befall like the beads of the rosary

The wretchedness will be seen everywhere just like when the string of the tasbih (rosary) is cut and the beads fall one after another. The calamities will befall excessively one after another. In such a worst environment, my honorable ones, in addition to the Basarat of the eyes, the Basirat of the heart is very very essential. For the sake of Allah ﷻ, make the young male and female children aware of this. If you don’t give them the environment of Basirat, then the atmosphere in which our children are studying today and the curriculum that they are learning which has only poison oozing out, if you don’t arrange for them the light of heart, then the thought and concern of apostasy will be created in them. There is such a dangerous and poisonous material kept in those books that if there is no Basirat, he will keep swallowing that inside. So it is very essential today than before that the heart gets illuminated and we get the Basirat.

Furqaan, the criterion

Allah ﷻ says, “O you who believe! If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you furqan.” This furqan is the light of the heart. The qur’an is also called furqan.  Tabaarakalladhi nazzalal furqaan-Blessed is He Who sent down the furqan. One recognizes what is haqq (truth) and what is baatil (evil and false) in Quran and so it is called as furqaan. The day of Badr is also the day of furqan for on that day the truthful one were distinguished from the ones on the falsehood. So is the case of Taqwa, for Allah says one who has Taqwa, Allah ﷻ will grant him furqan. Save yourself from sins my friends and you will get rid of the confusion about whom you should trust and who is speaking the truth. When you have furqan inside, your inner conscience itself will say to you who are on truth. But there is no guarantee for furqaan if your eyes are not saved from shameful things and if you eat the haram provision and if you lead a sinful life. Embrace Taqwa and see how Allah ﷻ will make you recognize the truthful ones. Basirat is guaranteed only for the one who has Taqwa and is obtained only by friends of Allah ﷻ and not by His ﷻ enemies and the disobedient ones, and it is not obtained by mere tasbeehat and nafil acts. The higher the level of Taqwa, higher will be the progress in Basirat. If some sins happen, then don’t lose hope that you will lose the Basirat but repent immediately to Allah so your Taqwa doesn’t fall into danger. It is said that a person who commits sins and seeks forgiveness immediately, his Taqwa too remains safe and sound. One should seek forgiveness immediately. Prophet said, “Allah ﷻ has given two means of peace for my ummat: 1) Till I am alive, Allah ﷻ won’t descend the umoomi (that stretches wide, general) punishment. 2) Until this qawm keeps making istighfar, Allah ﷻ won’t descend the umoomi punishment.”  So when one commits sins, without delaying do the istighfar.

The virtues of Istighfar, forgiveness

There are some istighfars which I wish Allah ﷻ make those regular in our lives. Prophet ﷺ said that there is a istighfar called sayyidul istighfar and if a man recites that in the day time and dies during that day, Allah ﷻ will forgive him and make him enter jannah and if he recites in the evening and dies during the night, Allah ﷻ will forgive him and make him enter jannah. The condition is let the istighfar be the istighfar with sincerity from the heart. Let Allah ﷻ grant us all tawfeeq to remember this and make us to recite it regularly and this is the narration from Sahih Bukhari. Sayyidul istighfar: Allahumma anta rabbee la ilaha illa anta, anta khalaqtanee wa-ana abduka, wa-ana A’la A’hdika wa wa’dika mas-tata’tu, aoodhu bika min sharri ma sana’tu, aboo-u’ laka bini’matika Aalayya, wa-aboo-u’ bidhanbee, faghfir lee fa-innahu la yaghfirudh-dhunooba illa anta. This istighfar has such a virtue that if a man recites with true and sincere intention, it will take him to jannah if he recites it morning and evening. Let Allah ﷻ make us appreciate the importance of this. When this istighfar reached the people of Allah ﷻ, they made the people known to them to memorize this who gave importance to that and they even made it regular to recite it. What a simple way to enter Jannah and to seek forgiveness from Allah! This duaa is found in common duaa books and so let people memorize this.

Preserve the Basirat

Seeking forgiveness immediately will have the benefit in the akhirah and it will protect the Basirat in the dunya. Prophet ﷺ has said that because of the blessings of the istighfar, many difficulties of the world too get solved. Prophet ﷺ said that the one who sticks to seeking forgiveness, Allah ﷻ will bring him out of every single difficulty and grant him salvation from single sorrow and worry and grant him provision in such a way that he wouldn’t even have imagined. Allahu Akbar. What do we need then? Prophet ﷺ said, “Let him be happy and joyous in both the worlds, who made the istighfar as part of his aamal (good deeds).”  So for Allah’s ﷻ sake, if you commit any sin, without any delay repent to Allah ﷻ immediately so you don’t lose the most precious and the most needed wealth of our times, the Basirat for it is the light in the times of fitna. Prophet ﷺ said, “Just like when the night extends, it gets darker and darker, so will be the fitna that will keep increasing. “ Here only Basirat will come to help for through this Allah ﷻ keeps one protected from fitna and his life will be pure and far from fitna. If the life becomes sinful, even the children of noble family become apostates for such is the danger of sins.

All praise to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and let Allah ﷻ send His blessings on His beloved Prophet ﷺ, his family and his honorable companions. All praise and thanks are to Allah ﷻ and glory is to Him ﷻ. Let Allah ﷻ forgive us all. Let Allah ﷻ grant us tawfeeq to act on what we hear, read, write and preach. Let Allah ﷻ make us remember Him ﷻ excessively, to show Him ﷻ gratitude and to worship Him ﷻ in the most beautiful manner. Let Allah ﷻ grant us life of eeman, peace and tranquility. Let Allah ﷻ grant us His ﷻ talluq and love and a life pure from sins. . Let Allah ﷻ save us from shameful acts and purify the houses from filth which entered even the noble houses. Let Allah ﷻ purify our eyes, ears and tongue. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from the haram provision and income and grant us halal provision. Let Allah ﷻ make our children obedient to Him ﷻ and to their parents. Let Allah ﷻ protect us from all sort of fitna and disobedience. Let Allah ﷻ remove the hatred from our houses, our restlessness and our worries by His ﷻ mercy. Let Allah ﷻ grant us tawfeeq to recite Quran in our houses and to purify our houses from music. Let Allah ﷻ grant us the noor of Taqwa. Amin amin thumma amin.

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