1) Why “Dajjal Impact” and when will the Dajjal come?

No one can place an exact date on the arrival of Dajjal or the Mahdi. We can only analyse our own time and refer the analysis back to the signs presented to us in the ahadith of the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him.

By doing this, it is widely felt and believed by many ulama and learned people around the world that today we are indeed on the doorsteps of the era in which the Dajjal will appear.

The Dajjal, however, will not appear in a vacuum. He will appear with many people conditioned, groomed and ready to fall prey to his deceptions.

These deceptions and the conditioning to accept him is in motion today, all over the world.

Muslims are prime targets of this conditioning, and over the past few decades they have been lead to accept many values, ideas and cultural practices that are either diametrically opposed to Islamic values and ideas, or are stepping stones that will lead them to accept those opposing values, ideas and practices.

This grooming has had its impact. Unfortunately, many Muslims have already, unknowingly, been conditioned.

2) But haven’t people said for centuries “It seems the time of Dajjal is imminent”, in reference to their own times?

Yes, many in the past centuries have said this.

Today however, in our century, there are some major indications which were never present previously. These major indications show us that the worldwide system we are currently living in is, beyond any reasonable doubt, one that is preparing for the Dajjal.

Yes, this system may yet continue to proliferate for another hundred years or even more before the Dajjal comes. Our task is not to speculate, it is to investigate and analyse this system so that we can put up sufficient safeguards that will protect our eeman, our minds and our hearts from the influence of the Dajjalic system.

3) What are the major indications which show that we are now, beyond reasonable doubt, living in the system preparing for the arrival of Dajaal?

i) The creation of the state of Israel in the heart of the Muslim world.

ii) The manner and amount of blood being spilt today by both Muslim and non-Muslim nations is unparalleled. In Islam, all human life is seen as sacred. It is not permitted to kill indiscriminately in the manner being done by many today.

iii) The rate of change of technology has been exponentially increasing since the industrial revolution. The rate of change of the past 5000 years pales into insignificance in comparison. Allah, the Almighty, has now given us the ability to go from examining micro organisms to sending man-made objects into the farthest realms of the solar system and the world has become little more than a global village.

iv) The rate of change of society has also been exponentially increasing for the worse over the last century in a way never seen before in the history of humanity. The breakdown of the family unit, divorce becoming commonplace, wholesale promiscuity intensifying, breakdown of ethics and morals, human values which have always been valued as good are now promoted as bad and of course human values which have always been valued as bad are now promoted as good.

v) The absence of a Khilafah for nearly a hundred years. This has never previously happened in the history of the ummah, as the Caliph was always seen as fundamental and critical to the needs of the Muslims. Even a corrupt Caliph was seen as immeasurably better than none at all.

How times have changed! Today even certain Muslim “scholars” promote the whole issue of a khilafah and a Caliph as trivial and desperately try to portray it as nothing more than dreams of utopia.

vi)Whilst many minor signs of the day of judgement from the ahadith have been present throughout the centuries, today practically all of them have become proliferated throughout the world in unprecedented proportions.

These are some of the major indications that are clearly apparent to the observing believer, and also to many respectable christians, jews and others.

It must be noted that it would be incredibly stupid for us to put our guard down against the arrival of Dajjal by statements like “Oh Muslims have always said Dajjal is imminent”.

Why put our guard down? What happens when we put our guard down? Many examples in history can be given. However let us take just one example. The battle of Uhud. What happened when the archers at the top of Uhud put their guard down?

What would happen when one knows an army is marching to attack their castle and the lookouts are told they can, “rest easy, we’ve been waiting for them for days, who knows when they will arrive”.  We know Dajjal will be arriving, and we are to put our guard down just because the Muslims of the past have also been waiting for Dajjal but dajjal did not appear in their time?

Have these people lost their sense? With so many indications about us, they want us to put our guard down?

Furthermore, we know from the ahadith that the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon him, was even looking out for the Dajjal in his time, so are we to abandon this sunnah of his also?

This statement, “people have always said Dajjals arrival is imminent” is nothing but another deception.  A way for shaytaan to further manipulate us.

4) What is the purpose of Dajjal Impact?

As stated previously, our task is to:
a) assess the worldwide Dajjalic system, highlighting its objectives and methods and the way Muslims and Non-Muslims have been deceived by it.
b) guide towards the safeguards that will protect our eeman, our minds and our hearts from the influence of this system.